Finished Projects

Simple Hat (Knitting)
Conifer Cowl (Knitting)
Summer Queen (Cross Stitch)
Jalie Diane Swimsuit
Kwik Sew 2605 Swimsuit
Vogue 9192 Swimsuit
Georgetown Cardigan (Knitting)
Irish Walking Scarf and Hat (Knitting)
Dog Coat


Vogue 9266 Dress
McCall 7092 Knit Dress
McCall 7009 Kid’s Knit Top
McCall 6841 Knit Top
Vogue 1020 Knit Top
Blue Bird (Cross Stitch)
8 Stitch per Inch Socks (Knitting)
McCall 6878 Girl’s Dress


Vogue 9100 Dress
Simplicity Dress


Butterick 5995 Dress
Imogen Cowl (Knitting)
McCall 7239 Kid’s Hoodie Jacket
Vogue 2931 Ballgown
McCall 7078 Girl’s Dress
Vogue 9006 Cowl Top
Butterick 5466 Linen Skirt Part Deux

Butterick 5466 Linen Skirt
Butterick 5895 Retro Styled “Jeans”
Vogue 1179 Knit Dress
Kwik Sew 2605 Girl’s Swimsuit
Vogue 8831 Knit Top
McCall 7074 Child’s and Doll Dress
Twylem cardigan (Knitting)
Butterick 5432 Pajama Pants
Ribs and Cables Beanie (Knitting)


Butterick 68something Men’s Pajama Pants (x2)
8 Stitches per inch socks (knitting)
Simplicity 2290 Kids Pajama Pants
Simplicity 1233 Elsa costume
Burberry knock off cowl (Knitting)
Vogue 1360 Ponte Dress
Simplicity 2290 Kids Pajama Pants
McCall’s 6964 Knit Top
McCall’s 6559 Knit Maxi Dress
New Look 6809 Woven Top
New Look 6892 Woven Top
Wispy Cardigan (Knitting)
McCall’s 6604 Woven Top
Vogue 8997 Dress
Burda 1-2011-114 Wool Skirt
Simplicity 1879 Linen Shorts
Vogue 1378 Donna Karan Knit Pants
New Look 6150 Knit Top
Sewaholic 1201 Scoop Neck Renfrew
Burda 9439 Girl’s T-Shirt
Vogue 8962 Knit Pants
Butterick 5946 Girl’s Coat
Sewaholic 1201 Cowl Neck Renfrew


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