Now I’m Knitting for My Kids Too

I wish I could say I were sewing, but no. I’m knitting and not even for myself. I have multiple projects on needles that are mine but my youngest gave me the sad face about needing a scarf and I couldn’t really tell the first grader no, could I?

The pattern for the scarf is the Irish Walking Scarf, a free Ravelry download. I had made this previously when my oldest was the same age as my first ever cabling project. Alas, I used only one skein of yarn, so it’s a touch short once the kids get bigger than third grade (I have small kids though) and I don’t want to have to knit yet another one of these in two years.

Fortunately (or not depending on how much yarn stash bothers one), I had two skeins of this bright green Cascade Pacific that has been aging in my house for four years. My youngest picked it out then when he was obsessed with green because Percy was his favorite character on Thomas and Friends. He’s sort of outgrown Thomas and it makes me sad. At least he still loves the color green.

Once I had knitted up one of the two skeins I realized that I wanted to make a matching hat for the scarf. The cabling pattern is a classic so how hard can it be. Famous last words. I eventually found Jason’s Cashmere Hat, which is written for a man with aran weight yarn. I need this for a kid in a DK weight. Hmmph.

After double checking the sizing from another kid’s hat pattern I made using the same yarn, I decided that the pattern would work as written and cast on. It only took two days to finish and overall I like the design. My only quibble involves the crown decreases. There needed to be at least two more rounds because as written, you break yarn and thread through 24 stitches to pull it closed. Naturally with that much yarn involved it doesn’t close all the way properly.

Once the hat was done, it simply a matter of joining the half-used skein to the scarf and continuing on until the yarn ran out. I have been knitting for only seven years, and I am still terrible at joining yarn. This is the first project where I have used a back join, and it was life-changing. Okay, maybe more like knitting-changing, but it was painless, which my overlap joins never were.

Of course because I was knitting for his little brother, my middle child wanted me to finish the sweater for the knitted doll I made for his sixth birthday. The poor doll got mauled by one of the dogs at some point, so back surgery and emergency arm reconstruction ate up my day yesterday. Thank heavens for extra yarn in the doll kit.

The back patch ended up a touch lumpy, so I’m happy to have the sweater properly finished. I have been putting it off for two and a half years because I had never done colorwork and assumed I would mess it up. I have no idea why I thought that way because it was easier than I expected and kind of fun too. I just need to finish off the dog from the kit and I can call it complete. Yes, I am indeed trying to finish knitting UFOs and use up stash. At least I can do a scarf in six days instead of six months like before. After this, I think I should get back to sewing for me.


2 thoughts on “Now I’m Knitting for My Kids Too

    • Thank you! Other than my mom showing me how to make a knit stitch as a kid, I am entirely self taught by books and YouTube videos. Sadly, this means sometimes I mess up badly, but by the same token, I generally have no idea what is supposed to be hard or not, so I just dive into projects and hope for the best. Mostly works out, funny enough 🙂

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