Blue Bird

This was supposed to be a simple fast cross stitch project, a week max to complete and here I am a month later finally finishing it.  I did not realize how much I would slow down with a 4 inch hoop because I could only stitch one handed and I would get a cramp in my left hand and every stitch was twice as long as I was used to.  However, I’m thrilled with the final result and cannot wait to see this framed and on the wall.

The pattern is Yellow Bird from La-D-Da. It’s not a large design, something like 60 by 70 stitches on a 32 count Platinum linen.  I used the Thread Gatherer’s Silk ‘N Colors in Union Blue and needed just a bit less than the whole skein.  I didn’t like the effect with two strands like I would have normally done on this count so I went with three strands instead to eliminate fabric peek through in the individual x’s.  Ten years ago you would have never gotten me to do something in this style, but I’m finding that my tastes in cross stitch have been changing and I have some projects picked out a decade ago that I don’t think I will ever do now.


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