Sewing space organization continues

Well, I’m not sewing anything, but that’s not stopping me from buying things.  Happily, it’s not fabric or notions so I’m feeling a bit virtuous (but only a little bit).  I have really liked the bookcases that my unpacked fabric is hanging out in, but it’s not the easiest to see what I have nor to efficiently use the space because lots of the cuts are slippery, and so they slide right off of each other when stacked.  I finally started looking at other sewing blogs again, and I was intrigued by the idea of mini bolts several weeks ago.

Distracted by real life, I pushed the idea to the side and finally got to revisit them today.  An image search led to the site for Fabric Organizers by DeNiece which looked promising.  First thing, glad I busted out the tape measure because my first inclination would have been way too big for my shelves, which defeats the entire point.  I also hit up Amazon because I was curious what I could find that could be in my grubby hands within two days.  The pricing on Amazon blows for these things by the way.  Looks like if you want the plastic boards, buy direct.  Anyway, I was coming up with a price of $1.35 per board and I would need to buy at least a hundred to be able to wind all of my unpacked fabric.  I love the idea, but I do not know that I love the idea at $135.  Sometimes, you have to make tough calls, folks, and I couldn’t bring myself to fork over that much money.  However, someone in one of the reviews mentioned comic book boards.  Less elegant with no handy tabs to help you get started winding your fabric, but for $19.71 plus tax, I have 100 American-made, acid free pieces of cardboard in the perfect size arriving Thursday. I’m feeling kind of happy about this right now.


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