Sewing space update

Remember that messy box of sewing stuff that I shared several posts back?  This is all that remains of that box to put away. Sadly for me, this will be the worst part to deal with because I’m never certain how ruthless I should be at culling used patterns that didn’t get put away properly.  There are pieces from a good ten different patterns and no envelopes in sight for most of them.  This is the downside to having movers come shove things in boxes for you because I think the wayward pattern pile I had before was separated into two different boxes, and I haven’t found that second box yet.  In the meantime, I’m mentally getting a bit bogged down in whether any of these are worth keeping in the first place.  If I can’t make a decision by Friday, I’m just going to throw it all out and trust that in my hundreds of patterns, these aren’t really that unique.  Truthfully, some of them, I know that I have made and been meh about the finished garment so it’s not like they will be the first choice for future projects, but the completionist in me feels compelled to reunite all of the pieces before trashing them.  Yes, that is as irrational sounding as you think, I know.

Happily, I also emptied another box and got all of my crafting books into one case.  At last house, all of the vintage books got exiled to my attic hidey-hole; but here, they are all together.  I have a bunch of library castoffs from the seventies that I’m not sure are useful at all, but I like having them and it’s not like I don’t have the space for them.  I even have room for all of my knitting publications, and cross-stitch leaflets too.  The only thing that isn’t working is the binder for the Burda magazine pattern sheets as it sticks out into my walkway.  I suspect that I’m going to downsize those into multiple, smaller binders whenever I get around to buying new office supplies.

So finding and getting my sewing stuff put away is continuing apace, and I hope to get the coverstitch up and running next as I found a quick knit top that is mostly done, but needs part of a side seam and hemming to get it out of the Unfinished Objects inventory.


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