I never want to knit socks again, but I still have sock yarn in my stash

Not going to lie here- I find no joy in knitting socks.  I have a drawer full of manufactured wool socks that do the job fabulously, so I can’t even say that the final product is worth it to me.  I am very much a product knitter, not a process one.  These are the eight stitch per inch base pattern from Ann Budd, knit top down.  I used a eye of partridge pattern for the heel flap, which I finally got the hang of halfway through sock two.  I still don’t love tonal yarn knit up, though it is so gorgeous in the skein, which is how I get seduced into buying it in the first place.  The yarn is Squoosh Yarn’s Sock yarn, which is apparently discontinued, in the colorway Depth.  The skein was labeled at 100g, but was actually 106g when I started and I only used 60g to make these.  The yarn was okay enough, but I don’t know that it was worth the price as I honestly didn’t love knitting with it as it was had a tendency to split on all of the decreases, so I don’t know if that bodes well for making anything else with the remaining 45g that are left in stash.

According to Ravelry, I started this project in December 2014, so I guess sometime by 2020 I may have another pair of socks to share here.  I have two small 50g skeins from Bergere de France to try two at time toe up socks.  Maybe that will change how I feel about knitting socks.


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