I did finish a garment in 2016!

My closet made a liar of me.  I said in one of my last posts that I didn’t complete any projects in 2016 and then I went hunting through my closet to get dressed for Easter mass.  I found this dress I made from some forgotten Simplicity pattern last year right before I went on crafting hiatus.

Pardon the wrinkles, I had been wearing this all morning by the time I got to pictures

It’s a simple unlined design with shoulder princess seams in the front, darts in the back, and a kick pleat.  I, being clever, decided to line it, which is why I haven’t worn it since making it.  I messed up the length of the lining to the dress, so every time I tried to get the lining attached at the pleat, everything would distort and the skirt turned into a wreck.  So to make it wearable this morning, I edge-stitched the underlying part of the pleat, sewed the little diagonal line holding everything together, and trusted the lining to stay out of sight, which it did.  The construction is nothing special, but since the pattern used facings, I cut those from the fashion fabric and stitched them flat to the lining.  I do like that there is no way to see the gray lining at either the neck or armholes.

I could let those back darts out just the tiniest bit, which would fix the back waist wrinkling, I think

From a fitting standpoint, I’m pretty happy with the back of the dress, but less so with the front.  The neckline is straight, and my neck sits forward, and I haven’t cracked how to make it lay nicely on my body.  I remember that I made an adjustment for a hollow chest, but I still have too much fabric pooling above the bustline below my collarbone.  On a positive note, I rotated the neckline dart that I needed into the existing dart on the pattern, giving me a smooth upper back. The side seam pulls forward starting around my waist, which several of my skirts do as well, so one more fitting challenge to correct.

All of my side pictures feel like I’m posing for a series on posture. Mine is bad, the end. But the upper back is rockstar!

The fabric is from an unmarked bolt I found at my local Hancock’s right before it went into liquidation in February of last year (it was one of the chopping block stores before the whole chain went into bankruptcy). It ironed fine on a low heat setting; and it has a really neat hand in person, reminiscent of a napped fabric, but with no nap. I liked it and was sad to never discover exactly what it was because there was a grey bolt in the store that day (also unmarked, alas). When I went back three weeks later to buy it, I ended up in a three days-until-closing-forever store, which was depressing as snot and didn’t have the fabric to boot. Oh well, at least I have this pretty piece to liven up my church wardrobe.


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