Moving has taught me something

I have too much stuff.  I know that I have stated this before, more times than I have needed to, but in unpacking boxes and getting my sewing space reestablished, I am over it.  I don’t want to say that I have done a great job with the rest of my belongings because I haven’t, but the crafting chaos is too much.

The closed doors are hiding a bunch of fabric- my intent is to winnow down my fabric until it all can be stored in these

We moved to an area with an IKEA, so I have two new Billy bookcases with the doors to contain the stuff I use.  I like that part so far.  The upper shelves have some knitting supplies and my cross-stitch stash, and I like having all of my different interests sharing space.  Here’s the big however, I have five boxes of random sewing stuff that are not unpacked because I have no idea where to put things.  This is separate from the 8 book size boxes of fabric.  Yikes!

Everything about this box makes me sad, including the fact it blocks access to the stool I sit on to sew

This all became clear to me when I started working on my daughter’s Easter dress this week.  Because I don’t even know where most of my pattern stash is, we went to Jo-Ann and pawed through the books looking for something resembling the dress she fell in love with at the store that was too small to buy.  Yes, this means we bought a single McCall’s pattern for the “full” (everyday 40% discount) price.  Then we went through the store, picked out the fabric, and got the zipper and took it home and I started from scratch.  And because the fabric has not been hanging around for years, I don’t have any ridiculous emotions attached to it, making it easier to cut away and dive into to getting this done.  The Selfish Seamstress years ago had a post showing the 1950s housewife sitting down with her Singer and material in a living room to create some confection on a random afternoon, and that looked fun.  Me, I have a stash problem out the wazoo and so I rarely just sit down and create.  But this project where I ended up starting from scratch (I even had to source thread because I don’t know where most of mine is) has been one of the most fun things I’ve worked on in years.  There’s a lesson in here for me, and maybe I’ll even figure out what it is one of these days 😉


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