Bergere de France Creations 11/12 #3

In the two years I have had this blog, my husband has managed to avoid having his picture end up on it, but that ends today. This is his Christmas sweater, which was finished today, making it only five weeks late in delivery. Oops. I started this just before Halloween, but two months just wasn’t quite enough time for me to get it done.


The sweater itself is a simple bottom up seamed stockinette stitch knit in Berrocco Vintage DK. I’ve had the yarn in my stash for two years as I planned on trying to do a sweater that year but it ended up not happening right away. Le sigh. This is why I’m on a fabric and yarn moratorium for the moment. It’s so easy to buy more than can be used up in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve been embracing the spark joy mentality from Marie Kondo’s books and I have so much already that makes my heart sing but that gets pushed aside when newer, shinier things come home, so I’m trying to work on the projects that I already have materials for and that I’ve been excited about for ages, but for whatever reason haven’t been done yet.


As for the fit of this, I measured one of his other sweaters, which ended up corresponding pretty well with the size medium of the pattern. I got gauge on my second try and I learned from last time to wash and dry the test swatch to see it if was true to size, so yay for that. Also, I was able to figure out that I needed to use two different size needles for the knit and purl rows, again, the test swatch was a life-saver. I only had five balls of this yarn in the first dye lot (I have two more skeins in the same color, but not the same dye lot), and I ended up finishing the sweater with maybe two yards of the final ball left. I was sort of sweating that, as I didn’t want to have a small patch of non matching color at the top of one of the sleeves. I liked the yarn as it was pleasant to knit with, and with the acrylic blend, priced quite nicely compared to the yarns that usually seem to catch my eye. That said, I’m happy to have this project behind me, as I’ve done no other sewing or knitting for two months now and am ready to move on to new and old projects.