A little bit of everything…

Despite my lack of blogging, there’s been some activity going on around here.  First up, I made my daughter a new dress for the first day of school.


It’s McCall 7078, and honestly, it’s sort of boring to write about hence why I’ve been sitting on the pictures for a month because I have nothing to say.  I was definitely finishing this project up last minute on Labor Day, so I did not do the pleats in the same way that the pattern called for, but she’s happy and it looks nice enough though it’s still a bit big on her.  She’s almost nine and circumference-wise is closest to a 5 or 6 depending on the fitting focus.  Alas, the size break for this pattern is between the six and seven and I bought the girl’s size range, not the children’s and so the too big neckline.  She’ll grow into it.  Also, she’s a big fan of leg coverage so the hem for this is for the size ten.  I let her pick what length she wanted, and so long as she’s happy, I’m happy.  Most importantly, I’ve had this floral print hanging around since at least 2010 and it may be from the year before, so I like having one less cut cluttering up my stash.

After that I got ambitious and decided to refinish a sewing desk stool.  I inherited a Kenmore sewing cabinet from my grandmother’s house and it’s been sitting in my garage for the last two or three years wanting attention.  The finish was flaking and the stool cushion was an ugly brown vinyl that had the surface layer peeled off for half of the seat area.  I did not take any before pictures, but trust me when I say it was in sorry shape and unattractive to boot.


I sanded it a bunch and then re-stained with a dark espresso color water-based gel stain from Woodcraft.  I was really impressed with the level of service that I got from them considering that I’m not part of their target market.  Three coats of a satin finish water-based urethane finish later, and the wood portion of this project was done.  The cushion was covered with a quarter yard of this fun bird home dec fabric from Hancocks, and the seat foam was also from there on a one day 50% off sale.  I felt so smart.  I have two layers of foam in the center and the fabric is stapled in place on the underside.  It’s not the best compared to how well the wood section turned out, but I can always re-cover easily in the future.


Lastly, we didn’t learn our lesson about getting a puppy last year as we decided to add a second. Say hello to Argyle, Lulu’s younger half brother. It’s been disconcerting listening to the two dogs play rough with each other as there’s a lot of commotion, but afterwards they cuddle up on the couch together and sleep, so it seems to be going well.


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