Twofer! B5466 Skirt and V9006 Top

I loved Butterick 5466 so much that I made it again in View D, the high-waisted version using the rest of the linen blend left over from making View A. I had always assumed that going higher than my natural waist would be a problem because my torso is super short, but I really love how this skirt turned out. I am a bit less pleased with Vogue 9006, which I used to make the top for this outfit.


First off, a quick sketch of skirt details- I made the straight size 14, which definitely fits tighter through the waist than my previous version. I suspect it’s because it’s cut straight across so there are no bias edges unlike the curving of View A. It fits fine from a wearing perspective, but I didn’t need to worry about taking any of it in. I disliked the idea of a center front seam, so I marked the seam line (it’s perfectly straight) and cut it on the fold. Nothing of note regarding the construction, and I’m pleased as punch with how it came out. I will definitely be making more of these as I really like straight skirts and it is a perfect pattern for whipping up a quick and easy project.

The only picture I have that shows the skirt’s seamlines.

Moving on to the top- I love the concept, but I whiffed the execution of this one. I was highly constrained by only having 39” of 58” wide fabric, so I couldn’t use View B with the bias cut and was instead using View A which is on the straight of grain. Alas, I did not account for just how little this poly charmeuse would drape. Oops. Secondly, it’s polyester and hotter than the dickens. I was wearing it out for dinner with my husband and sweating profusely despite the lack of sleeves and the temperature being a maximum of 80 degrees. Honestly, I’m not entirely certain why I thought buying this particular cut of material was a good idea in the first place other than it matching the skirt fabric, but even this is a tad matchy-matchy for my tastes, which run towards matching in the first place.

Random note, the back of the neck really stands away from my body. Boo.

On the plus side, this top does not require much fabric, and I had enough scraps to get bias binding in lieu of facings for the armhole. I made a size 10 with a half-inch FBA and a half-inch petite adjustment above the bust. This raised the bottom of the armhole to non-bra-baring land because otherwise, I think it’s a bit too low and this was noted by multiple reviewers at Pattern Review as well. No one noted this, but I don’t like the 1.25” hem, and if I make this again will chop it down a bunch and do a rolled hem.

The inside with the front princess seam, the bias binding for the armhole finish, and a rolled hem on the cowl facing. Even the slip stitching turned out nicely.

I used French seams everywhere I could to contain the fabric’s tendency to fray, but all it did was make the puckering of the seams worse. No matter what I did to try to fix this- changing needles, stitch length, presser foot settings, I could not make it stop puckering on any of the vertical seam sections. Anything at an angle to the grain was fine but not the very straight lines down my torso. Then again, with the poofiness of the cowl and the general shininess of the material, it’s not like there aren’t other issues to distract people’s eyes.

Sigh, all I can see are the wrinkles with along the stitching lines. Also, I really need to sew in the hook and eye for the top of the zipper.

Now I hope you don’t think I’m too down on this pattern because I really liked it. I thought it went together nicely, so I’m going to give it another chance with a better fabric choice to see if that solves some of my issues. I’m leaning towards a rayon challis that I bought this summer with no plan and see if I like it better that way. The shoulder princess seams were great for refining the fit and it should make a nice top to wear untucked with pants for my next try at this one.

Meanwhile, the bad part about the end of summer is that it is still too hot here to be thinking autumn clothing/fabrics, but it’s not worth making anything else for summer as there’s really only five more weeks of summer weather left. I’ve been having great fun at my sewing machine, so I don’t want to not make anything, which means craft type projects. My daughter wants more doll clothes and I just did this baby blanket for my best friend’s baby shower, so I guess I’ll be working on this sort of thing until the kids go back to school.

I love this fabric!


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