Butterick 5466 Linen Skirt

Hello again, my poor neglected blog. I could offer a bevy of excuses, but the reality is I just haven’t been productive this season. I’ve played around with Vogue 1387, but have not managed to finish it yet and in general not felt like sewing. It’s been so bad that I have not even looked at the fall pattern offerings yet. Maybe they would motivate me, but in the meantime, it’s been crickets in my sewing room. I was looking for something else entirely and stumbled across a cut of a linen/rayon blend that is a rather too bright shade of blue and decided that I needed a new skirt.

What kind of goofy face was this supposed to be?

Needed may be too strong of a word to use here, but my weight loss journey has enabled me get back in clothes that I made five years ago, and made everything from the last two and half years too big. All of my skirts are newer makes and they are now getting big enough to be super unflattering. In the meantime, I found this shirt in my repair pile (it’s a McCall pattern that I don’t remember, one of the cup size ones) and realized that the fabric is from the same spring collection at Jo-ann from 2010. So yeah, I went totally matchy-matchy with the outfit. Anyways, I bought the linen blend at the time thinking dress (yeah, no) and decided that it would be a good chance to test drive a straight skirt pattern as I’ve realized that it’s a favored look of mine and I have some cuts of wool that are too expensive to be guinea pigs while I figure out the fit.

After checking the pattern’s measurements, I cut a straight 14 with no alterations. The waist should theoretically be tight as I’m just above the size 14 in the waist and just below in the hips. I ended happy with the hips and think I need to take in at the waist a bit. The linen grew enough that it ended up resting at my navel after an evening out when it should be an inch higher. One thing I really like about this pattern is the flexibility of the views. This is view A with the waist facings, so easy for me to open up and alter. Those same skirt pieces are used in the views with a waistband where I would be really upset to have to alter, so it’s nice that I can nail down the fit before doing any of the views with waistbands, which I want to do as well.


The whole construction is very easy as there is no kick pleat or back slit. Honestly, it doesn’t need it for regular walking about, but I did notice trying to get in the car when my thighs sort of stopped just a few inches short of where I was intending on placing my leg. I’m overall happy with the fit from the front and the back, but the side view is a bit wonky as the side seam is canted forward. I didn’t notice wearing it, but I did get a pretty ugly picture showing me the truth of the side profile, so something to change for next time. And there will be a next time as I’ve already started cutting out view D with the high waist. I’m really glad that I got myself back in front of my sewing machine for this project so to get past that awful feeling I get when I’m stalled out and my mojo goes on hiatus.


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