Vogue 1179 Knit Dress for Summer

Things I have learned: knitting on a deadline stinks. I got most of the doll project done, but it definitely came at the expense of time spent sewing. I’ve started messing with a couple of projects that are not yet complete, but meanwhile I got the itch for a new knit dress. Since my washer ate my previous iteration of this dress, it is time for a new Vogue 1179, an out of print DKNY design from five years ago.

Thanks, Lulu, for walking though the shot.

I love how comfortable this dress is when the weather gets warm. The waist measurements are huge, as are the bust measurements, so it’s airy even in the poly/lycra jersey, which I tend to find too warm in the summer, but not with this pattern. It’s the sort of dress that I love when it’s 95 degrees out, and I can just slap on my wedges and not feel like wilting in five minutes. I used a size 10 through the shoulders and then out to the size 12 markings for the side seams. The pleats provide plenty of room in the bust so I didn’t even bother with a FBA. I did shorten by a half-inch below the shoulder, but that’s it for fitting adjustments. The pattern is only three pieces, so I cut this out around 2 and had a completed dress by 5. The fabric is a weird feeling poly/lycra from Jo-Ann that’s been in the stash now for three or four years. It doesn’t feel the nicest and the colors are not really my first choice, but the dots are fun and I think it works for a casual summer outfit.

Waist shaping, you won’t find that here.

I chose to follow the pattern directions for finishing the cowl neck, which added a bunch of time to construction. They instruct for a pressing of the inner edge and then stitching in the ditch from the topside for a clean look. Every other cowl neck I’ve done in the last few years, I have just folded wrong sides together and serged around and called it good. However, I had done it according to the directions the first time and looked how nice it looked from the inside, so I did it again. It took many rounds of pinning everything into place before I even got to the stitching stage, but I am happy with the results. I’m less happy with my hemming of the armholes because it’s a simple turn and stitch and the coverstitch machine and I were in disagreement about the fabric and how it wanted to lie and really, if I were doing this again, I think I would cut strips of the jersey and stitch them to the arm opening, turn those under and then topstitch down. I think it would be a cleaner finish with less distortion of the fabric. The bottom hem is one of the things I love about this dress as it is 4.25 inches deep. I honestly have no idea if it is necessary for the hang of the dress, but it just seems like a bit of a luxury to have that much fabric turned up at the bottom. Even with that, the dress only used up 1.5 yards of fabric.