In the pipeline

I’m pretty sure I’m jinxing myself talking about the projects I have planned, but I wanted to share anyway. I’ve been sewing up a storm for the last week, working on not one, but two dresses. The first is almost done and I’m hoping to have the second done by tomorrow.

A highly cooperative model, I must say

Additionally, I’ve decided that I need a new dress for Easter this year. It seems like a good reason to make something a little more polished for the warmer months. I have several sundresses, but they feel too dressed down for church and I always loved getting an Easter dress as a kid. I have this really random polyester jacquard (I think) that I got at Hancock last fall. The scale of the pattern is much larger than I would normally pick, but it is pretty. I got enough to do a dress and jacket and picked up Butterick 5995 at the time I bought the material. I won’t get the jacket done before Sunday, but I should be able to get the dress done if I can keep on task.

The scale of the design is really more suited for furniture, so this will either be a disaster or awesome

Lastly, I have four knitting projects still on the needles and one giant crochet project, so of course I fell for the siren call of another project. That and pretty marketing emails are my downfall. Quince & Co, whom I have ordered from before and liked the yarn, has this adorable doll making kit for a little boy and his pet dog.


I’m going to try to knit up the whole thing for my middle child’s birthday. I have five weeks, so wish me luck.


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