Stroking my ego

So I’ve had a post in draft form for two and half weeks, but never liked it enough to bother polishing and adding photos for publishing.  My husband even started asking me why “that nice seamslikework lady isn’t posting anymore.”  Thanks, dear.  And then a miracle happened today.

I can get these on!

Last summer I started working on one of the Gertie patterns from Butterick, a pair of retro styled jeans. I used Nancy Zieman’s pivot and slide method based off of my measurements. And in trying them on, they were tight. Really, really tight because I forgot to add an inch of ease to my hips when altering the pattern. However, I could get them on and was pretty impressed with my work on the back lapped zipper, etc. Then it got tossed aside when I went on vacation and I didn’t return to them until this January. I got the bright idea to work on the UFO pile, so I added the waistband, and went to try them on to figure out what length I wanted to hem them. Except, they wouldn’t go on. I mean, I couldn’t get my thighs through them at all. Want to talk about crapping all over one’s self image, yeah, these pants have been the reason that I’ve been eschewing sewing in favor of knitting over the last several months. I didn’t want to re-measure myself and face the truth about my weight gain over the past three years.

Instead, I complained on the phone to my sister, who is amazingly supportive, and she mentioned the MyFitnessPal app and that we could do it together. I’m not going to pretend that I love counting calories or having to tell myself no, but a lack of discipline is why I gained the weight in the first place, so I’m working on it. I have a 50 day logging streak in MFP, and though I’ve had days where I busted my calorie limit (oh, Red Robin, you and your sweet potato fries are so tasty, but so bad for the bottom line), the trend has been in the right direction towards a healthy weight for my height. My trusty year old jeans are at point of ridiculously bad fitting, so I screwed up the courage to confront this project again. And know what? It’s awesome feeling. I was even worried about the waistband digging in tons, but it’s not (however, still tight enough that you can see it distorting my belly under my top above, oops). The thighs are snugger still than I would like, but who cares, that’s how excited I am about these pants today.

Yeah, no waistband closure yet, that’s how psyched I was to take pictures of this

As you can see these are definitely high waisted with the bottom of the waistband at my waistline, and from the rear shot, they make my butt look ginormous, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the nice fit through the legs and that I’m not seeing the wrinkles indicating that it’s too small through the abdomen though you can see them on the thigh. The denim seems to have no lycra content at all, but I’m sort of over the stretch denim thing anyways. Until college all of my jeans were 100% cotton and the fit at the end of the day was the same as the beginning. All of my current RTW jeans grow throughout the day, so there’s always a chunk of the day when they don’t look right, be it start too tight and end up fitting okay or as it is now, start off okay and then slide down my body as the waist gets larger from body heat relaxing the lycra.

So just to pick a length to hem them

My one concern about this project now centers on the leg length. I’m short and chubby still and I’m never quite sure what length with anything less than full length looks on me when it comes to pants/shorts, hence the folded to two different lengths. My mirror lies to me routinely, but the camera not so much, so now to pick which one doesn’t shorten me any more than necessary.


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