Spring 2015 Vogues

I would have posted earlier about the spring patterns, but I have been laid up for two weeks now with the never ending cold. I’ve had issues for over a year now with every cold developing into a roaring case of bronchitis and true to form, so did this one. Alas, I have done almost nothing sewing related because I’m never far from the bottle of Nyquil and lying on the sofa. So over January right now.

That means we should think of spring, and Vogue released some pretties that will be added to the hoard and only made up eons from now, if ever.

V1437 Ralph Rucci

I want this jacket.  I need this jacket.  When I make it, it will probably look not as fabulous, but oh, I have really fallen for the Ralph Rucci looks over the last few years.  The dress underneath isn’t really my style, but who cares when it’s topped by something as lovely as that jacket.

V1435 Tom and Linda Platt

This is the cover image used for the current issue of Vogue Patterns and I like the seaming. Not something I’d probably ever make and wear, but for a swing jacket, I love the execution. But that’s not the best part of this pattern. Nope, check it out:

Figured it out yet?

Shoulder princess seams for the win! I love princess seams, but by the time I get done with a FBA on an armscye princess, it’s a really dramatic curve that’s not fun to sew and I’m forever tinkering with getting the curve right with my undergarments and so on. Shoulder princess seams on the other hand are so much easier for me to sew and I like the lengthening lines on my petite frame.

V1434 Isaac Mizrahi

I about squeed with delight when getting Vogue Patterns in the mail a couple of weeks ago when I realized that they had picked up a new designer. Yeah, the dress itself isn’t hugely exciting but I will still buy it in hopes that designers I’ve heard of will be willing to license their designs. I know the old days of the Parisian couture patterns aren’t coming back, but I can dream anyway.


So I hear there’s this guy in Bahrain who can make anything to measure and the thing to do is a poly brocade smoking jacket. In red. Yeah, that’s what I said when I saw them. So for my sweetie who missed the chance to get one of his very own, I can do it too! Okay, not really. Though I do like the idea of a dinner jacket, I would be too terrified of screwing up the tailoring hard on something like this to ever try it on my own.


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