My not-New Year’s resolution

My sister and I were talking recently about starting new habits and she told me that she likes to start new things on Mondays. If you mess up and need to start over, you get over fifty chances a year. I like that because I’m well aware of how often I embark on self-improvement endeavors and fall on my face. So with it now being in the second half of January, I want to share my not-New Year’s resolution.

Not proud. Fabric just hanging out on the floor, for shame.

See that wreck? Yeah, looks sort of like last year when I shared the mess that is my sewing space. You will note that I am a bit lacking in the housekeeping department. I went and sat in front of my sewing machine three different times this week and instead of starting a fun new project, I ended up feeling overwhelmed by my messy surroundings. The upside for my husband is that I re-hemmed two pajama pants, and fixed buttons on a vest and uniform jacket that have been awaiting my attention for two months now. Getting the repair items out of the room really made me feel good, but I realized I needed to clean the rest up as well. My goal over the next year is get my house in order so that when it comes time to move again, I won’t be upset that I’m moving stuff that I don’t even want. I’ve been making slow progress in the more public areas of the house, but with this room, it’s the guest room over the garage and with the door closed, no one sees the mess.

Well, at least we’re back to all of the bins with the fabric, some progress.

Moreover, I have found that I sometimes like the shopping associated with my hobbies more than the actual execution. Hence I now have ten years’ worth of yarn at my current knitting speed and the fabric stash has spilled out of every storage solution that I have tried so far. If you look at the sidebar, you will see that I bought a hundred yards more fabric than got sewn up last year, and last year was a pretty good sewing year for me. Even my pattern collection feels more like a hoard than a collection and I watch my children struggle with letting go of things they don’t use and I know they are emulating me. So I need to set a better example with my own possessions. That said I’ve seen more bloggers than I care to promise to only stashbust for some random duration and then it doesn’t quite work out. I’ve made the same promises to myself in the past and then felt like a failure for failing to meet my own standards. So rather than aiming high and then having my perfectionism undermine me, I’m setting the bar low. I will sew more yardage than I buy this year. My stretch goal is to keep my sewing space clean. Most importantly, I won’t worry if I fall behind because each week brings a new opportunity to work on my goals.

The fabrics on top of the table are what remains of my UFO/alterations pile, whew.

To that end, I spent today putting fabric away and picking up the wayward notions strewn through the room. I found the missing ten yards of waistband elastic (finally!) so I’m waffling between doing a knit top or knocking out a bunch of pajama pants for my next sewing project.


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