What does the fox say?

With a quiet house while dinner was simmering, I decided to see if I could find the missing elastic in my sewing room so I could work on some pajama pants. Hmm, I never did find the 10 yards of non-roll elastic that’s still in hiding, although I did find a bunch of notions I bought back in the early fall and a battered old length of elastic which would work to finish a pair that’s been sitting around since Christmas.

Trying to find a good pose in your pajamas is a nightmare

These are from Butterick 5432, which I used twice back in early 2010 to make flannel pj pants. Those pants get worn all of the time, so I used the pattern as is with only the length adjustments I made for the initial pants. I found this adorable interlock at Jo-Ann in September and for once didn’t pretend that I would make anything for the kids out of it. The print is too juvenile for normal use for me, but for pajamas, anything goes. The side seams are serged and the hems are coverstitched. Yes, after four years of seriously coveting a coverstitch machine, one finally entered my life courtesy of Christmas, my sweet husband, and very clear instructions on where to get one in town. I decided to be creative and mimicking a RTW waistband I found in my drawer, the elastic is serged to the top of the garment, turned and coverstitched in place. I like the idea that the elastic cannot possibly twist around, but the elastic seems a bit stretched out compared to when I tested it around my waist prior to attaching it. Nonetheless, I love how it came out and they wear just fine.

Serger thread is gray, the coverstitch thread white.  No, I haven’t changed the thread yet since unboxing the machine.  I’m a little intimidated by it.

So the bad part about using a pattern I made so long ago is that I had little experience with pants fitting at the time, so I made no adjustments to the rise at all. Yeah, way too tall in the front rise, and in the back, well, it feels like it’s pulling a little bit, but does reach my waist, so it’s okay enough. Ideally, I would add a smidge to the back and take a good two inches at least out of the front. I’m guessing these problems are present with the pants made originally, but I never noticed until now. Thinking the fit problems through, it’s obvious what I should have done, but I wonder why I never thought to double check before making these. Not that it will take away from my enjoyment of wearing foxes, owls, and hedgehogs.


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