A winter hat that fits

Well, I have been sewing, but alas, I have nothing to show you because I don’t know where I put the ten yards of waistband elastic I bought back in September for my great pajama pant project. What great pajama pant project, you ask. Umm, the one that’s gone sort of nowhere. I bought what I shall politely call an excess of flannel prints when Jo-Ann had their cuddle flannel priced at $2.99 per yard and have used exactly two of the cuts I bought. Oops. So what have I been doing in the meantime? Binging on reality tv on Netflix. What goes better with mindless television than mindless knitting? Nothing.


There’s not much to share with a simple ribbed hat like this other than I can’t believe how much better I have gotten at knitting in the four years since I took it up for real. I make way fewer mistakes even while only having half an eye on what I’m doing and things that used to make me cringe in fear, like cables, don’t anymore.  Last year I made a sampler hat that was a fun learning exercise, but it is way too big for my head, so I wanted a new beanie this year that fit tightly to my head.  That’s exactly what I got with this hat, and I’m really happy with how it feels when wearing it and how warm it is.


I used a domestically grown and processed wool, and I appreciate having the opportunity to support the continuation of wool production in this country. The wool definitely still has a good bit of lanolin in it, which I found disconcerting at first as I am more used to the feel of superwash wool. Two weeks from start to finish wasn’t too bad and I’m glad to have a snug fitting beanie just in time for the coldest weather so far this season. Now if I could just focus back on my sewing…


2 thoughts on “A winter hat that fits

    • I don’t really consider myself a knitter, though I obviously knit while watching television, and I somewhat dislike how long it takes to make things. If I want a new casual knit top, I can sew one up in a day. If I have a yen for a sweater, that’s months later and I’m really guessing at the fit.

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