I was an adventurer like you once until I took an arrow to the knee…

So apparently three year old computer games can make me forget the rest of my life. I started playing Skyrim for the first time in two and half years, and a month and a half of my life went poof. Needless to say, no sewing, no knitting, nada.

Then came Christmas for which I wanted to make some pajama pants for my husband, who has a bunch of half decade old pairs that are showing their age. And yet, I played Skyrim like it was my job up until 9:30 on the morning of Christmas Eve. At which point I realized that if I wanted any more wrapped boxes under the tree for my husband, I needed to get working. So I did. Seven hours later, two new flannel pajama bottoms were wrapped and parked under the Christmas tree for the next morning. Whew.


Actually, I realized that I totally lied about the getting no projects done, I did a couple, but they didn’t seem blog post worthy and then the longer I went without a post, the worse I felt about not posting and I got anxious about not following through with my posting goal and started feeling generally neurotic. Oops.

I did finish that other green sock, but alas, I don’t know where the first sock is, so I haven’t even been able to wear them yet. Fail. My middle child had pajama day in kindergarten, so he got a new pair of pj bottoms with a Caterpillar heavy equipment print. I started that one after dinner the night before pajama day, and I loved his excitement over the surprise of getting to wear construction equipment to school. It’s all about the simple things when you’re five.


With Christmas passed and opening, it’s time for me to clean up my sewing room and figure out what sort of projects that I want to work on in the new year.

ETA- I found that other sock; I’ve only been looking for a week now, so of course since I wrote that it was missing did it reappear. You would think that I would swear off of the sock knitting already, but instead I cast on yet another pair.