Remind me that Halloween sewing is the bane of my existence

So remember how much I’ve been putting off dealing with my daughter’s Elsa costume? Well, it’s still in pieces. I have the skirt and bodice pieces cut out and ready to sew together, except the bodic pieces are sequined. Easy, I just need to remove the sequins from the seam allowance, right? Ugh. This is what an hour and change’s worth of work gets me:

Did I mention that I have less than a week to finish this?

As part of my avoiding dealing with costume sewing, I’ve been staying away from my sewing machine altogether. Enter the need for another quick knitting project. My best friend is getting married in two weeks and I wanted to give her a little token gift just for her. I have made this cowl before out of the exact same yarn (original, aren’t I?), and I cast on last weekend and with tons of time in front of the television, I get this finished today. A skein of aran weight yarn finished in a week is about the fastest I knit, and I’m pleased with the outcome. I hadn’t realized how much better my knitting has gotten just in the last year, but my Ravelry notes tell me that I made my first version just after Thanksgiving last year, taking two weeks to finish. I really liked it and wore the cowl all winter, but the wonky Kitchener stitch bothered me a bit. This time around, it’s pretty hard to find. I used Cascade Highland Duo, a 70% alpaca/30% merino wool yarn. It’s really soft and I have enjoyed knitting with it. The yarn is a loose woolen spun, which frankly, isn’t my first choice. I like the yarn’s halo for this project, but I don’t know that I would want it for anything else. Also, I would worry about the durability of the yarn, but that’s because at heart, I’m only a knitter for the sweaters and there is no way this yarn would hold up to any abrasion. Of course, just as with sewing, matching the right pattern to your material is key.


Also, with the change in seasons, I’ve been pulling out my completed projects from this spring, and I figured I would revisit which ones have been successful for me in my everyday wardrobe. My Burda wool skirt is a workhorse. It gets along well enough with most of the tops I have and is a great warm alternative to jeans. My only issue is that the waistband wants to slide down my torso, and I should have made it an inch smaller in circumference. My only non cowl necked Renfrew is this close to being sent off to Goodwill. I have grown to dislike the fit in my upper torso and the fabric is merely adequate and with enough other tops around, I’m done with it. Weirdly, the red rayon jersey one using the same pattern pieces fits much better, but I suspect that’s a function of drapiness of the jersey camouflaging the fact that I traced the wrong size for every Renfrew I made last spring. Oops. Live and learn.


5 thoughts on “Remind me that Halloween sewing is the bane of my existence

    • I hope so too, but it’s just so much work for an outfit that only comes out for trick or treating and dress up sessions. I am surprised at how much work is involved with removing sequins; I guess I thought it would go more quickly.

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