A single sock

Couple of weeks ago, I wandered into my favorite local yarn shop. Did I need more yarn, no. Did more yarn beg my Mastercard permission to come home with me? Of course it did. However, this is not a tale of that yarn; this is where I confess that I dislike hand dyed yarn. I know, gasp, the horrors, right? It all started with me figuring out last year that I could in fact knit not terrible pairs of socks. The sock yarn section always has these pretty variegated or tonal skeins that look gorgeous on the shelf. In this case, I was further enchanted by the idea that the dyer was from near my hometown and the color was to die for. So I spent a ridiculous sum for this single skein with which to make a pair of socks. Alas, months later I started to make said socks.


Let me just say, that pretty green tonal dye job that looked wonderful in the skein and even better wound into a ball was knitting up like a turd. A green turd. I was giving it the side eye about 4 inches into the sock when my dear husband looks at what I have in my hands and asks, “Is it supposed to look like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s splotchy. Is there something wrong with your yarn?”

“No, I think it’s supposed to look this.”

“Oh. <giant pause> That’s dumb.”

Know what? I’m afraid I have to agree on that. To boot, the yarn with its silk content doesn’t feel as nice as the boring dye lotted Cascade Heritage Silk that I used to make those purple socks last winter*, so it’s been a less than fun tactile experience. Needless to say, despite me starting this project back in June, I just now have completed the first sock.

We won’t mention how goofy it is lying on one’s kitchen floor to get a picture of a sock on one’s own foot.

I wouldn’t have even bothered with this much if the one clerk who is totally my enabler at the LYS hadn’t urged me to just pick it up a little here and there and it would be done. She was right. Hopefully the next sock is faster.

*yeah, about those socks, they felted up in the laundry despite the superwash merino content. I don’t know if I’ll give the Heritage Silk a chance again, but the regular Heritage with the nylon content launders like a rockstar, and I will definitely be using that for future socks.


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