Kid sewing

One of the downsides to kids is every time you think they have a complete wardrobe, they grow. My daughter had no pajama pants that fit. This might be an issue seeing as how we are headed into the winter months. Yesterday we were in Jo-Ann for Halloween costume fabric, but the kids got sidetracked by the aisle with the licensed character prints. My daughter found a My Little Pony broadcloth and wanted it. I should have said no, but I totally didn’t as I’m a sucker for anything with Rainbow Dash on it.


Of course one of the questions I have always asked myself about those broadcloths is what does one do with them. The flannel is pretty obvious, but I’ve never thought of doing pajama pants in the broadcloth. Alas, no MLP in flannel, so for once, I was willing to be flexible. I have a gazillion patterns, but not one for a child size pajama, so with Simplicity as the sale flavor of the weekend, I picked out 2290, a Learn to Sew pattern with pajama pants for the whole family.


There’s a whopping single pattern piece and the whole project is done fast enough that she is wearing them to bed tonight. That makes this project the single fastest turnaround from fabric/pattern purchase to final garment that I have ever done. The seams were done on the serger, the waist was a piece of leftover elastic from my Donna Karan pants that was just the right length, and a super deep hem because my girl is quite petite (10th percentile!) and the size range covers 6 to 8, which covers heights of 47” to 52” per the size chart on my other kids patterns.

I was pleasantly surprised by the first page of instructions and how they assumed you knew nothing of sewing and walked through all of the steps needed to make these pants. No, I don’t need that amount of handholding, but my daughter would like it. I also liked how the instructions covered using a piece of twill tape to mark center back whether making this for kids or adults to make it easy to figure out, especially if you are like me and one to skip the decorative bow on the front. Needless to say, the whole project worked out well and I have a piece of flannel from the stash that I’m going to use to make her another pair.


As mentioned earlier, the real reason we were at Jo-Ann was to pick up the fabric for her Halloween costume. She wants to be Elsa and I am sort of dreading this project. Not that the pattern looks difficult and I’m totally omitting the appliqued snowflakes, it’s just that costume sewing always destroys my sewing mojo. Two years ago I made the Tangled Rapunzel dress and I refused to touch my machine for six months afterwards. I don’t want that to happen this year, and I don’t want to frantically finishing hems at 4:30, 5:00, and so on (no, I have never finished a Halloween costume before the afternoon of October 31). So if it seems like I’m working on anything but the Elsa costume between now and then, that’s because I am.


One thought on “Kid sewing

  1. Cute pajama pants! Good luck with the costume – it’s funny, I love sewing clothes, but when I think of sewing Halloween costumes, it never excites me. Can’t wait to see the result.

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