Embarking on fall sewing!

Cut out fabric one night and sew it together the next morning using fabric that was bought in the current calendar year? This is unprecedented in my world.


McCall’s 6964 is one of the Palmer/Pletsch t-shirt patterns. They feature all sorts of fitting lines and tips, but frankly, I’ve never been happy with a FBA in a knit. I prefer to let the knit do all of the work and I think a bit of no-to-negative ease in the bust looks best. In short, I totally disregarded everything in the instructions and just cut what is my usual for knits, 10 in the shoulders going to a 14 below the arms. I also chose to sew the side and underarm seam at 3/8” for a smidge more space. I like how that worked out through the waist.


The top is view B with the V-neck and well, I’ve never made a great looking one of those before. You can see where the point of the v between the front piece and the neckline didn’t match. I even basted everything in place first, but this was really the best I was able to do this time. I think I will explore the overlapping neck band at the point of the neckline in the future to see if I can get better results that way.

The inside really shows how off center I got, so instead, let’s focus on that stay tape on the shoulder that is so much better than clear elastic for stabilizing the shoulder seam

The fabric is a cotton interlock from Jo-Ann and it’s a breeze to work with compared to jersey. Alas, previous experience tells me that this fabric won’t be the most durable with repeated wear and laundering, but I really liked the color and the sale price. For less than $10 in fabric cost, so long as I can get a year of use out it, I will be happy.

Now, I’m totally cringing at this picture as it’s not flattering, but you can see pretty clearly the fitting problems that exist on this make.


No, I didn’t petite this one above the bust because the marked bust point on the pattern was already an inch above mine, but I should have. You would think that after umpteen blog posts where I point out where I should have petited the top of the bodice that I would remember to just trust myself and do it anyway, but no, failed that one again. I generally don’t mess that up too badly with wovens but there’s something about these quick knit projects that makes me, frankly, lazy. Also, see those shoulders, they are definitely too wide for me.

Trying on the unfinished top was funny because it was long enough unhemmed to reach my crotch. Not a good look. I couldn’t decide what length to hem to when I realized that the top I was wearing was one that I love the length on, so I used it as guide to determine how long I wanted to go. No need to reinvent the wheel.

The spotted top is OOP Vogue 8679

I ended up with a 3.5 inch hem.  That’s insane.

Fortunately the sleeves were much less of a hassle as I had taken some length out in the cutting stage when I realized holding up the tissue that the three quarter length was only two inches shy of my wrist bone. There’s a lesson here about preparing early on which makes projects easier, but I’m going to ignore it. Instead, look at my puppy!

Mom, put me down.



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