Improving my sewing space

So the major downside of a new puppy and a messy sewing room is that I won’t let her in there. Of course, she whines any time she isn’t glued to my side, so I’ve been going with the hanging out with her and no sewing has happened. On the plus side, I’ve decided to replace the hodgepodge of furniture that isn’t working out for me. My sewing machine had been hanging out on my old kitchen table, which frankly with the chair is at a terrible height for me to work. Any extended amount of time sewing resulted in a sore back. I moved everything over to my childhood desk, which combined with a chair from my dining room is better; but there is no leg room to speak of and the space is really too tight for comfort. With some reflection, I’ve decided on just a long table with enough room for my machine and serger to hang out full time and get a stool that works with the height of the table. I feel so smart right about now. Now, if only I could find a reasonably good storage solution for my unreasonably big fabric stash…


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