Fall 2014 Vogues

So vacation and blogging don’t get along. Probably the lack of sewing machine does it. I’ve been knitting, but still at the same 4 inches into a project that I’ve been for the last week. Something about frogging repeatedly dims the soul a bit. Anyways, I’ve been a bit remiss at looking at what is usually my favorite release of the year, Fall Vogues. I’ve been drooling over a couple designs since I get my latest issue of Vogue Patterns Magazine, so thought I would share. Now, given my track record of not making latest releases, I fully admit I won’t get to these, potentially ever, but I’m totally buying them anyway.

Vogue 1419

This Ralph Rucci coat is amazing. I have never made any of the Ralph Rucci patterns I’ve bought though I appreciate the details with the designs. Will this one be the one to change that?

Vogue 1407

I don’t know how well the hourglass illusion holds up when not being viewed head on, but I want to believe that this DKNY dress would make my waist look smaller than it is. Then again, what are patterns selling if not dreams?

Vogue 9031

Apparently I’m a sucker for cool seam lines. Enough said.

Vogue 9017

Multi-cup size pattern, check. Dress, check. Fun, curving seam lines, check. Long sleeves, CHECK. I get the idea of sleeveless dresses in winter, meant to be worn with jackets, but that doesn’t fit my lifestyle and low thermostat settings. One could argue dresses like this don’t really match my stay at home lifestyle, but it’s meant for moderate stretch knits like ponte or wool jersey and those are totally my speed, so I nominate this pattern for most likely to be made up.

Vogue 9043

Didn’t I already do a girl’s coat this year? I think I like the lines on this one a bit better, so when my daughter outgrows the red one, I will probably use this pattern for the replacement.

Vogue 1409

If I had to name a favorite designer available through Vogue, Donna Karan wins, hands down. I love the designs and they are fun to make up despite being more time consuming than simpler designs. And this one should be a slam dunk, knit dress with long sleeves and fun seam lines. Alas, though, I’m wary because there is no way I will be able to find 7 coordinating fabrics that play nice together without making me look like a clown. And if I went with just one color, I don’t know that it would be worth the increased construction time compared to say 9017 above.


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