Changing patterns scares me

Confession time here. I don’t ever change patterns beyond fitting. Ever. End of story. My idea of wild and crazy pattern changes is messing with sleeve length. Some people use a tried and true (TNT) pattern as a base and just add details, change silhouettes, never buy new patterns, etc. Yeah, not this girl ::pointing thumbs at self::

I love new patterns. I get enough challenge trying to make the pattern fit me while still matching the tech drawing on the envelope. Beyond that, I have little interest in messing around with patterns. Naturally, I’m sort of having to do that. Not exactly big changes here, but still…

Can I make View C on the right look just like View C on the left?

Last week I saw New Look 6892 reviewed at and I knew I needed to have this style top in my life. I do not have this pattern in stash nor anything even remotely like it. My friend mentioned she had a similar one and offered it to me, saving me a trip to Hancock/Jo-Ann, hence the OOP New Look 6809 ending up in my hands. Are there a huge number of changes, no, not really. However, I realized something about myself as prepping this for cutting. I don’t want to figure out how to change a pattern for however many infinite iterations of garments that can be made from one pattern. I respect people who do this, but I’m never going to be that person.

And really, these are basically the same pattern, except I’m trying to make the one I have look exactly like the one I don’t. Good idea? I don’t know, but I won’t know until I try.


3 thoughts on “Changing patterns scares me

  1. Good luck! I admire people who can just change patterns so easily. I have a hard enough time adjusting patterns to fit me better, something I need to work on myself. I’m very excited to see your results, looks like a great top!

    • I am in awe of those people. I find matching fabric to a given design to be one of the hardest parts of sewing so I don’t want to be responsible for anything more difficult. Besides, living in the US leaves me spoiled with the easy access to cheap patterns so I don’t feel like I have to make multiple garments out of a single pattern to get my money’s worth. I’m more interested right now on mastering my sewing skills anyways. My last project reminded me just how long it had been since doing a set-in sleeve and how much I hate dealing with sleeve cap ease.

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