Summer 2014 Buttericks

Way back in time, the parts of the sewing blogosphere that I follow would post reactions to the various seasonal offerings from the pattern companies, but I don’t see nearly as much of that today. I really liked those posts because of the variety of opinions, especially about patterns I wouldn’t look twice at. I buy patterns from all of the big 4, plus dabbling in Burda, but my favorite lines are Butterick and Vogue. It does not hurt that the McCall pattern company has a reasonably user-friendly website (I HATE Simplicity’s with a passion) and most of the time it is easier to buy from them than from Jo-Ann/Hancock. Now if only my mailman would stop trying to stuff the envelope in the box and leave them on the porch, I would be perfectly content. Anyway, all of that was to say, I was stoked to see Butterick’s new offering in my inbox this morning.

I have one piece that I loved, several that I liked, and one that I can’t decide how I feel about it. First up, B6053, which is the one piece from this collection I will probably make. It has lots of topstitching detail, looks perfect for linen, my summer fabric of choice, and separate cup sizes to make my life easier. Thank you, Butterick!


I love when you get past all of the patterns with photos and get to the line drawing only ones.  I know that some people swear that a lack of a pattern photo is a big caution sign, but for me, I enjoy the drawings of impossibly proportioned people.  I just try to pay more attention to the technical drawing to see where things could go awry.  Good thing for me because I would have never noticed this pattern otherwise.  B6060 has a skirt with a peplum for the lead drawing and I hate peplums. So ready for that trend to die already. However, View A and B have pleats that start below the hips and I do not have anything else like this in the pattern collection. I love skirts in warm weather and like this look a lot.


One of the fun things about having sewn for more than a couple of years now is to see the reissue of basics that you’re seen already.  Such is the case for B6061, which I already own but numbered from ages ago. I’ve never made it, and being as these look like the same semi-fitted pants that are in most of the wardrobe patterns, I could probably live without it. What I like though, is the styling of the pattern photo. Sometimes, the photos can be interesting (and not in the good way), but this one- yeah, I totally want to look like this next time I’m walking along Lake Erie.


I am a total sucker for the historical costumes, even though I’ve never made one up, and I’m not sure that I ever will.  Is there any way that I wouldn’t look twee as hell wearing B6074?  No.  But part of me still wishes I had an excuse to dress up as a Regency era lady just once in my life.


So this last one, I’m totally conflicted on.  It hits all of the appropriate swimsuit buttons- one-piece, retro styling, tons of ruching.  So why am I not sure about B6067?  The underbust seam seems off to me.  And this isn’t the first Gertie pattern where this has happened.  I get the aesthetic that is being aimed for, but in both cases, it looks to me to be a case of complete denial as to the usual shape of a woman’s chest.  I know that I can fix it easily enough by adding the needed depth to drop the seam under the bust, but part of me feels like I shouldn’t have to do so.


I mean really, if it looks like this on the model, how will this end up looking on me, who has quite a bit more in the breast department.  Either that seam is going to work down under the bust leaving the top as too boobalicious to contemplate, or the feeling of a seam flattening out the underside of everything as the alternative.  I want to love this pattern, but I just don’t know that I can.


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