A walk in the garden

No sewing here today, it was a GORGEOUS Sunday that finally feels like springtime. I love how quickly the trees turn from bare to festooned with flowers to leafing out. My husband had finished creating the bed for this year’s vegetable garden and it is time to plant!

 DSC_0572     DSC_0576

We went with a real plan this year as opposed to the past when we winged it and didn’t get a good harvest since we didn’t know what we were doing. Last year we sited the garden where nothing got direct sun after 12:30 and the tomatoes never ripened. It was kind of sad, really, but live and learn. That and we labeled everything this year as well as creating a schematic to refer back to later. I finally got our strawberries out of their containers and am trying blueberries and raspberries to see if we can grow fruit ::fingers crossed::

 DSC_0578     DSC_0574

In addition to the new vegetable garden, my Meyer lemon is back in bloom and I finally have lemons that are making it to a respectable size for the first time in the two years I’ve had the plant.

DSC_0581     DSC_0582

Lastly, my front garden, primarily species indigenous to Eastern North America, is showing signs of life. The bluebells I planted on faith last year are a delight and the columbine just started sprouting. My redbud tree in the side yard is still tiny, but in its third spring here finally showing lots of flowers.


Virginia Bluebells


I can’t wait for serviceberries!


My favorite ornamental tree – long lasting blooms and pretty heart shaped leaves


2 thoughts on “A walk in the garden

  1. I don’t believe that you made a garden schematic. The technical and logistical problems of drawing one, much less taking into account the problems of grading and making it to scale, far exceed what one would expect for a simple backyard garden :p

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