Useful sewing

In the spirit of picking up a piece of material and making something, anything with it, I grabbed the length of black ponte for making pants. Well, maybe pants. I didn’t exactly make a note of how much there was of it and I’m pretty sure that for a while every time I was in Hancock Fabrics, I would get a cut of 2 or 2.5 yards because it’s a useful fabric. I have never bothered to make anything out of my useful fabric, but I think it’s time to change that. First thing, I grabbed the yardstick and measured. Two yards even. Yeah, that sounds like pants. Now time to pick a pattern. If I have a ton of fabric, I have even more patterns. So for simplicity’s sake, once I picked out three possible patterns, I stopped. I have in the past paralyzed my decision making by setting out twenty options and agonizing over the perfect match to the fabric. In my current spirit of good enough, I figure I’m working with black ponte that’s readily accessible locally, so make a quick decision and be happy with it.


I ended up setting aside Vogue 1378, Vogue 8962, and Butterick 5780 for the Pattern Review double check and all seem to be successfully made, so no help there with eliminating options. I really like the Donna Karan pants, but they seem really involved, and I’m just not sure that’s the right idea for this project. Same for the Butterick dress, descriptions of an origami like process for assembling the bodice, just more effort than I’m in the mood for, which left me with Vogue 8962. I really only bought it for the cowl top, but crossing my fingers, I can eke out both the pants and the skirt, both of which look easy to make and would help plug some holes in the wardrobe. Guess there is something to me buying such useful fabric.

[P.S. This post has been sitting forgotten in my drafts folder for a week now.  Oops.]


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