Why has so much fabric followed me home?

Not going to lie, this turned out to be a crappy week. I was all set to get started on some new and awesomely easy projects, and life intervened. That’s a nice way of saying my dog died and I didn’t take it well. Now, I should qualify this, it was sudden, but not unexpected and she had a good quality of life all the way until the end. However, Wednesday I was straight up a mess. And when I’m sad, I go shopping. In this case, I found myself in Jo-Ann’s for some waistband elastic and walked out with 8 yards of interlock that I had no intention of buying. They’re for kid’s t-shirts and the patterns are cheerful with monkeys and farm animals and giraffes, which made me smile. I have no excuse for today’s 4 yards of rayon/lycra, but I digress. No more fabric shopping for a while and time to get back to the project and fabric I was starting on earlier this week.


Am I planning on making the kids matching shirts?  Why, yes, I am.


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