And another thing…

I mentioned yesterday watching a video series on the everyday clutter in homes and it spurred me to make my kitchen spotless, which is awesome. I have two separate sections of countertop and the one next to the refrigerator acts as a landing space for school papers, unread sections of newspapers, batteries, shopping bags, general junk, etc. The rest of the counter gets cleared because it is workspace for cooking, but by the refrigerator is another story. Naturally, the worse the mess gets, the less I want to deal with it and I have a superpower- selective vision. After enough time, I stop seeing the mess. I know I’m digging through an eight inch tall pile of papers looking for the homework sheet needed for that day, but I refuse to see it. Yeah, way not healthy, but bear with me here. Yesterday, feeling the need to clean after watching the videos, I started in my kitchen at the dishwasher and cleaned the entire room counterclockwise ending at the refrigerator. I only set one rule for myself- once I touched something, it had to be put away. No hemming and hawing or putting things in a pile to move items out of the kitchen en masse. No, it’s not as efficient to make a ton of small trips with one item in hand to put it away; however, I’m really good at sorting stuff together and then never getting any of it put into a proper home. Obviously, that’s fertile conditions for clutter, which my house has in abundance. A couple of times I wanted to cheat, particularly with papers that needed filing. I have a stack that are waiting to be put away in the family room, and it would mean not digging through my thoroughly inadequate file box, but if I only set one rule, surely I can manage to not break it, right? Needless to say, it worked. It didn’t even take that long to clean the kitchen and I’m thrilled with the success of my one rule. This got me to thinking while I was finishing the coat, surrounded by my excess of sewing paraphernalia.

I make things, I have lots of supplies to make said things, and that stash has gotten a bit out of hand. A lot out of hand. In the past, I shuffled fabrics around based on the season, my whims, holes to plug in my wardrobe, whatever. That does not mean that I necessarily sew up those fabrics and the shuffle begins anew several months later. In cleaning up in here last month, I fished a big pile of fabric off the floor and it’s lined up on the guest bed, totally defeating the point of having a guest room. So my plan from now until Easter (call this my belated Lenten resolution) is to pick up one piece at a time from the bed and make a project. No, these aren’t necessarily my favorite pieces, though some are, and the big fold of corduroy is definitely unseasonal, but the idea is to deal with each fabric once and put it away where it belongs, as an item of clothing in my closet.


Does that mean, given that we’re easily talking 25 pieces of fabric, that I will try to choose wisely my projects? Yes.  The three pieces closest to the camera are knits destined for quick projects and to the right is an already cut out skirt that I started with a friend, but I should finish it before it loiters around too long.  I won’t use all of this up before Easter, but I hope to put a decent dent in it.



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