Distracted by shiny things…

This time last week I was this close to finishing the coat for my daughter. So have I finished it yet? Of course not. We went to Jo-Ann and then Hancock after striking out at Jo-Ann’s to acquire buttons. Lots of buttons. I was sort of kicking myself for going with the whole double breasted coat idea because everytime I found a decent candidate, I would find four or six but not the eight that I need for this silly thing. That, and the red hue of the wool does not work with any red I can find locally, so she picked out black and then it was a matter of finding eight of those and you can see where this is leading too. Nonetheless, I finished attaching the lining and put the sleeve cuff on and realized I totally forgot to leave the space for the inseam buttonhole. D’oh!

And that managed to make me avoid the sewing machine since Tuesday. Well, there was the small matter of finishing painting my daughter’s bedroom, which took all week. Mostly as I have dark stained trim that I am changing to white, necessitating at bare minimum a coat of primer plus the two coats of paint, though sometimes it’s more like three coats. Then there was the ceiling, which I just dislike on principle and well, I finally got the paint on the wall today, only two years after initially promising to paint the room. So, small victories, right? My daughter is very happy with her new looking room, but she told me as I was putting the covers back on all of the outlets, “You are going to finish my coat tomorrow, right? I want to wear it to school on Monday.” That’s gratitude for you. Looks like I’ll be cussing at buttonholes tomorrow.


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