Coat project is inching to completion

I put the lining together and on the coat now and what have I learned? I hate doing linings last. I have known this for years but do I learn? I think it was Ann from Gorgeous Fabrics that posted the idea of making the lining first before you burn out on the project and it will more likely get done, and I remember that I was positive that I had found the answer and would never be so stupid as do the lining last. Alas, I routinely fail to make the lining first, and that’s the major reason that I have not finished this coat up.


Obviously, I still need to finish off the bottom hem; and since I had eyeballed the added length, I think I will need to trim up the lining a bit so that it will play nice with the outer layer. I’m taking my daughter out to Jo-Ann/Hancock (they’re within a mile of each other, so convenient) to pick out the buttons to finish this up. The sleeves are finished in cuffs, which I guess I could do right now, but I’m not mostly because I am also working on a sweater for me and would love to finish it before it warms up this spring. Plus, I have a massive novel on the Kindle which I can read while doing stockinette stitch, win! Yeah, not as focused as I could be.

Yep, the single short sleeve is the latest thing for winter wear, right?


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