Time to work on clearing out some of the UFOs

I have an annoying habit of falling in love with a project and tearing into it with gusto only to run out of steam a little over halfway through. Unfortunately, I tend to leave the cut pieces of fabric, the pattern pieces, and other associated miscellany lying about my sewing space thus getting in my way later ::coughs:: years later.

Ah, the pile of UFOs that I swear every sewist accumulates. I’m sure there are people who can start a project, see it to completion, and only then start on another, but much like unicorns, I’ll only believe in them when I see them. I had already resolved to myself to whittle away at the UFOs over the next few months, completing one a month in addition to my monthly project. I was trying to decide which one to choose, but the weather made it obvious.

Can you believe it was 70 degrees out yesterday. Winter storm warning today. Yay.

Back in the fall, Fabric.com had wool coatings for dirt cheap (I take no credit for discovering this myself, I followed a blogger’s link), and Butterick had just released B5946 , a girl’s coat pattern.  I decided my six year old needed a wool coat to replace the acrylic one from Target that she got last year. I cut out the pieces, fused the entire thing except for the sleeves and had the lining fabric in hand.


The same lining fabric that with the exception of the pocket pieces had not been cut. Even more pressing, there is only so much winter left this season and I don’t want to finish it after she’s outgrown it, so today, I cut out the lining pieces and started assembling.


My daughter is small framed and I have found Butterick/McCall’s to run wide in the size on my kids, so I started with the size 5 which matched her back depth. Normally I would have just cut the skirt pieces at the 6 or 7 to give her the length she needs for this to be useful for more than 30 seconds, but alas, the size break was 2-5 and 6-8 so instead of properly adding pattern tissue to add the same amount of length to each piece, I half-assed it and eyeballed the extra to the bottom, as evidenced by that back skirt piece in the picture. I hope I don’t regret that once it comes time to bag the lining. The only other change I made was to add a pleat to the center back of the lining since it seemed like a good idea. I’ve only ever made one coat and it had a pleat, so I saw no reason to not add it to this one, even if the pattern omitted it. The front and most of the back pieces are together and I hope to get the lining done and in the coat tomorrow ::fingers crossed::

At least the whole thing is still a touch big so this should get wear into next winter too. If this one will just go away already. I’m ready to start working on spring and summer clothes.


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