My sewing space

The bonus room above the garage is my dedicated sewing space, part-time guest room, and full-time mess. Not only am I a lousy housekeeper, I get easily overwhelmed by all of my crafting supplies. No, seriously, look–

DSC_0479   DSC_0481

No kidding, I can’t get a thing done in there as it stands now

Yeah, that’s a pig sty. My darling husband will be the first to agree that I have too much fabric, patterns, yarn, notions, etc. The sad part is that he would be right. (Yes, dear, how does it feel to be so right?) I do have too much fabric as I always buy it quicker than I sew it. That and I’ve been fighting a half-year loss of my sewing mojo. My standing goal is to do one garment a month and I’ve only met that once since June. I did finish a top in January and should have a skirt done in February, so at least I’m showing improvement. It did not help getting sucked into a knitting vortex, where once again, I can acquire the base materials far faster than I can use them up. I submit for evidence my Ravelry stash, which has been primarily built up since Labor Day. Oops.

Also, considering that the room is 400 square feet, I don’t have a good storage setup. I have no place to put all of the fabric, so I have piles, which really isn’t good for finding anything, and when I abandon a project I leave the pieces out in the way. I really like the idea of storage cubes as they’ve worked reasonably well for stashing the kids’ toys around the house, but I don’t want to spend the money on them. Then again, if I pared back, I wouldn’t have to worry about where to store everything and could live with the space I currently have. Time for me to be paralyzed by indecision.


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